What is aerothermy?

Aerothermal energy is a clean technology that allows energy to be extracted from the ambient air.

For some years now, aerothermal energy has been showing its virtues to become the star system for air conditioning and DHW in Spanish homes.

It allows to replace conventional systems obtaining significant energy savings in low amortization periods.

Essentially, an aerothermal installation consists of:

  • An outdoor unit (refrigerant-air exchanger)
  • An indoor unit (water-cooling exchanger) that will feed
    • Heating / cooling equipment
    • DHW tank
    • Installation of underfloor heating / cooling

Outdoor unit
Sanitary hot water tank
Fan coil
Refreshing / Radiant Floor
Indoor units

General features

Aerothermal systems allow to provide heating in winter, cooling in summer, sanitary hot water throughout the year … and all this with a very low consumption.

The refrigerant fluid is at a very low temperature so energy can be extracted even in cold environments.

The installation and start-up process is simple, safe and the maintenance requirements for this type of equipment are practically nil.

In winter

The outdoor unit sends the energy captured from the ambient air to the indoor unit, which heats the water producing heating and sanitary hot water

In summer

The cycle is reversed and the heat from our home is sent outside to cool our home.

Formed by equipment (heat pumps) of very high efficiency.

In heat pumps, a cycle of evaporation, condensation, compression and expansion takes place, in which the fluid changes state (liquid-gaseous), yielding or absorbing latent heat


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Clean energy

  • Without combustion processes
  • High performance
    • SCOP≥4
  • Big Savings (70% -80%)
    • Most of the thermal energy is collected from the environment
  • Low consumption
    • 1kWh consumed for each thermal 4kW generated
  • Quick return on investment
    • Amortization 4-5 years
  • Simple installation and commissioning, low maintenance
    • Possibility of combining with photovoltaic energy
    • Equipment subject to subsidy
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How can we help you to take advantage of aerothermal energy?

  • We do a personalized study on your current situation
  • We size the installation that best suits your needs
  • We supply and install (turnkey) top brand equipment
  • Commissioning.

With the best prices on the market and without surprises

We advise you on the best aerothermal solution for you