Capacitor banks

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How to eliminate the cost of your reactive energy bill?

From KwSolutions we offer a comprehensive “turnkey” service for the compensation of reactive energy in your company. With a simple invoice or the CUPS number of your accountant we will give you a study along with a budget without obligation.

What are capacitor banks?

Capacitor banks are pieces of equipment that are installed to compensate for capacitive reactive energy. This improves the Power Factor and achieves greater energy efficiency in the installation.

Advantages of installing a capacitor bank

Installing a capacitor bank brings a series of benefits apart from the reduction in electricity cost associated with it:

  • Get a reduction in the overall cost of energy.
  • Increases the capacity of the lines and transformers installed.
  • They allow to reduce the nominal power of the installations.
  • Improves network tension.
  • Increase in the life of the installation machinery.
  • Decrease energy losses.
  • Stabilization of the network
  • Easy installation
  • Average life of 8-10 years
  • Easy maintenance

Certain machines (motors, transformers, air conditioning machines, refrigerators …) require the creation of magnetic fields for their operation, and it is in this process that they consume inductive reactive energy.

How is reactive power paid for?

The penalty for reactive energy consumption is contemplated in the BOE, specifically in order ITC 1723/2009 and is applied by all distributors, it is a cost that is fully transferred to the customer on the invoice.

The total reactive energy that is generated is not penalized, only a percentage of it is penalized if we exceed certain reactive levels with respect to the active energy that we consume.

The way to detect that we are paying a surcharge for reactive energy in our electricity bill is if we see reflected, in it, the following concept “Term / Excess / Supplement for reactive energy”.

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