Do you want to buy an electric car and you have doubts about how to charge it?

We have the best electric car chargers to install the charger that best suits your needs.

We carry out a personalized study on your current installation.

We analyze your needs and recommend the best option

We carry out the installation with the best components and certified installers.

Electric vehicles


A specialist technician will advise you on the option that best suits your needs


We will make a budget tailored to you without obligation.


We carry out the installation with qualified professionals ITC-BT-52.


We take care of carrying out all the necessary procedures to legalize your charging point.

Experience at the service of our clients

Electric vehicles

The electric car has become part of our lives.
This new technology is reducing pollution thanks to its less dependence on fossil fuels, lowering the price of travel.


Find your sector

Private house

Recharge in your own home, without having to increase the contracted power and using only what is available at all times.


One more attraction for your customers. Manage the charging point in the best way using RFDI cards, mobile applications or the creation of an unattended point.


Service your vehicle fleet optimally and efficiently.
We adapt the connector to your vehicle

Collective garage

To choose between different types of power and with all the signage and posters included.

Neighborhood community

Install your charging point in your individual garage space. It will only require prior communication to the community, according to article 17.5 of the LPH

Town councils

Recharging points on public roads for citizens, prepared to meet all the demands of electric vehicle recharging.
Management via app or QR codes.

Charging Station

Fast or ultra fast recharge points, management, payment control and maintenance included.

Other facilities

We listen to your needs, examine your facilities, assess the options and propose a solution.

Types of cargo

We work with the main brands in the market, combining the highest and most competitive technology.

Conventional Load

Powers of 11kW, 7.4kW or less, allow a slow charge between 3‐5 hours depending on power, ideal for charging at night at home or in the office while you work.

  • 220V 32 A single phase / 400V 16 A three phase
  • Output with type 1 or type2 cable
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Management through mobile application
  • Wall fixing
  • Power balancing system
  • IK08, IP54

Semi-fast charge

Powers of 22kW or 44kW, allow a charge of between 2 and 3 hours, for a fleet of vehicles, shopping centers, hotels, public or private parking lots, etc.

  • 400V 32 A three phase
  • Output with type 1 or type 2 connector
  • Bluetooth connectivity, RFDI card
  • Management through mobile application
  • Fixing to the ground
  • Power balancing system
  • IK10, IP55

Fast charge

Powers of 50kW or higher in DC, allow charging in a period of time between 15 min and 1 hour.

  • 400V 125 A three-phase DC
  • Exit with cable type CSS / CHAdeMO
  • Connectivity via ethernet, Vifi, GPRS
  • Management through mobile application
  • Fixing to the ground
  • Power balancing system
  • IK10, IP55


What if you pay it little by little?

We work with the main financial institutions for individuals and companies. We study the different options and propose the one that best suits your needs.