Do you want to install photovoltaic solar panels?

For both residential and industrial use, we have the best components to make a photovoltaic solar installation that adapts to your needs.

We carry out a personalized study on the location of the panels on your roof.

We analyze your needs and size the installation

We carry out the installation with the best components and certified installers.

What is self-consumption?

Self-consumption is the way to produce your own electrical energy for the consumption of your home or business.

In this modality we create electricity from photovoltaic solar panels that collect sunlight to supply the required location, when there is no sun or more electricity is required than what the panels can produce, we will always have the support Electric NETWORK so we will never have to worry that we run out of electricity supply, there is also the possibility of installing batteries at this time but this will not imply the disconnection of the NETWORK, always remaining as an extra support in the event of any type of mishap .

But what happens to the energy that we have left over? The simplified surplus compensation system comes into play here (for installations of up to 100kw) where, in the same electricity bill, your marketer will pay you for the energy you transfer to network.

Components of a photovoltaic installation

Solar panels

The panels collect and convert the sun’s energy into electricity


The function of the photovoltaic inverter is to convert the direct current that it receives from the plates into alternating current, which is what we can use at home.


You can add batteries that allow you to enjoy solar energy also at night and thus make the most of your photovoltaic installation.


It is the usual electricity meter of the house.

electric infrastructure

So that you never run out of electricity, you will remain connected to the grid and will use this energy when the panels do not generate electricity.

Forget about everything

We give you a comprehensive turnkey solution

Study and dimensioning

Project and documentation management


Legalization and start-up

Monitoring and maintenance control

Through a monitoring system by which we check its correct operation.



All the materials used are of the highest quality, to guarantee optimal use of the facilities, with a 25-year operating guarantee. In the budget we detail the selected materials for the maximum peace of mind and confidence of our clients


We have personnel specialized in the installation of photovoltaic systems for self-consumption and with all the necessary certificates. You will have a closed budget and an installation period, with the guarantee of a previous study carried out by professionals, so that the production and return on investment objectives are met. 100% legal installation and systems for complete peace of mind.


The savings study is carried out by a team of highly qualified photovoltaic professionals.
For the calculation of annual production we use procedures of recognized solvency, based on the use of the technical code of the edi cación-CTE – (Base Document on Energy Saving) and the Official Document of Technical Conditions of the IDAE that is in force .

We advise you on the best self-consumption solution for you