Do you want to put photovoltaic panels even if you don't have a roof?

At KWsolutions we have the solution, we have developed easy-to-install kits for you to produce your own energy.

1 panel kit


Save up to € 225 / year with the installation of a panel.

2 panel kit


Save up to € 445 / year with the installation of two panels.

Self-Installing Solar Kits

Plug in and start saving!
Generate electricity with our easy-to-install solar panels and use it to supply electricity to your home.

Know the advantages of a sustainable, efficient, and renewable energy!

What are self-installing kits?

They are pre-designed kits made up of a plate and an inverter that can be connected to any outlet in a house as long as it is exposed to the sun and energy will be generated, which will save on the bill without the need for an installation by a fitter.

How many types of kits are there?

We have two types:

  • Kit 1, made up of a plate and an inverter with a power of 440 wp.
  • Kit 2, made up of two boards and an inverter with a power of 880 wp.

This means that at peak times they will plug in several appliances without having to worry about the electricity bill.

How are they installed?

The panels need to be oriented preferably south and with an inclination of 30 degrees, although they will generate energy in any sunny place in a house.

The plates are installed by anchoring them to the wall with a pair of screws and connecting the cable to a socket.

In case of having two plates, both will be connected to each other with a connector and, afterwards, they will only have to be plugged in. At that time, they will start to generate energy

How do I know that the electricity I am using is what I am generating?

Electricity always travels the shortest distance, so if we pour electricity into our installation we will use that and not that of the network. If we take into account that the hours where there is more solar radiation coincide with those when electricity is more expensive, this represents a great saving and you can turn on the air conditioning and cook, all at the same time, during those hours without having to look at the watch.

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